Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Floral Quilt Top In Progress

 ... Just Derby ...
 What I'm working on now.
I saw this quilt kit and fell in love with the fabrics.
It's made from 12 Fat Quarters.  One {1} FQ = 18" x 22"
You sub-cut the FQ's as the directions specified - these are the completed blocks.
 I hate to cut these blocks ... but that's what the directions call for.
 This represents all the blocks for the quilt center.   Now it's time to
get out the rotary cutter and slice them in half.  It's going to hurt
me than it is the blocks!
 Julep on the first layout of the sliced blocks - I'm not lovin' it.
 Having a good time playing ... they like to help.
 Don't worry Mommy Katie ... Derby and I will get right to work
and help you re-arrange the blocks into a more eye pleasing layout.
 A little disagreement as to what block should go in what spot.
 After the {above} block disagreement Derby went behind the table.
Julep is waiting for him to come out her tail wagging the entire time.

 This layout is one I like ... so it's time to 
start sewing this big mess together.
 ... And Now For A Few Funnies ...


  1. We chuckle at the way J&D always come to help out rearranging. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. oh that's going to be a nice one. It would have even been nice with the blocks the way they were before you cut them

  3. I like the blocks before you cut them. But I'm sure it will be a nice quilt.