Sunday, January 12, 2014

Squirrel Alert & The Making of Gum Drop Cookies

 Squirrel Alert ... the warning is out ... be on the look out for
that squirrel chasing westie named Derby.
 Love how Derby's eye is reflected in our lamp which was
totally not planned.
 He's such a handsome boy.
On the right Jocelyn & on the left Jayla.
 I forgot to post these from a few weeks back so I'm sharing
them today.  I met J&J with their mom a few years ago 
by accident in a Michaels Craft Store in my sisters neighborhood.
Of course when the sales clerk asked what I was going to do
with all the ribbon and embellishment's I was buying these
little girls were standing right behind me ... the words 
American Girl clothing made their ears pop up as it does
any little girl at that age.
 So during that ever so brief chat I promised I would
make them some AG clothing and mail them when I
go home from our fabric shopping trip to PA.
 Come to find out the girls grandmother lives right here
in my home town ... now what are the chances of that
ever happening since I was on the other side of Baltimore.
I should have purchased a lottery ticket that day.
Jocelyn getting ready to take a picture with her ipad. 
So now when the girls visit their grand mom
they want to visit me also.  This last visit I had everything
pulled out to teach them how to make gum drop cookies
which are basic oatmeal cookies with cut up gum drops.
 We had fun but they did manage to use up a lot of my
sprinkles which is OK since I'm not baking like I use to.
I get a sugar high just looking at these cookies!
 The girls gave me two rubber band bracelets.  Seems
this is the big rage making these into various patterns.
Have a great Sunday.


  1. Funny how you met. Those cookies would give us a mega sugar rush LOL. Derby and I need to go hunting together. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Get some big easy on today.

  2. What a coincidence that their grandmother lived near you. The cookies sound good

  3. Love those sprinkles--cute pictures!
    And what kind of squirrel is that? Never saw one with ears like that. Makes me want to say "my, my little squirrel--what big ears you have!!"

  4. Oh, dat squirrel makes me want to give it da old shake, shake! Darn those sassy squirrels... they like to stand right outside our kitchen window and taunt us pups and the kitties...

    Cute girls and sugar sprinkle overload!! LOL