Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sharing Quilts From The January Bayside Quilters Meeting

 Hey Mommy Katie ... don't forget to wrap me in a warm
quilt straight from the dryer.
 The January meeting of the Bayside Quilters was about
what you need to know before you take your quilt to a
long-armer for quilting.
 A long-armer does all that fancy quilting on your quilt.
I believe this quilt took 10 hours to quilt on the machine.
Bayside's Show & Tell portion of the meeting. 
This is a raffle quilt for a local school.  Each of the sail boat blocks
were hand painted by a child at that school.
 I want fox fabric to try and copy this quilt.  It's totally adorable!
 George the token male member of the Guild is a fabulous quilter.
He shared his story on how he came up with this design.   Seems
he took his wife to Rudy Tuesday's for dinner and this 
was the tile pattern on the floor near the rest rooms.  I catch myself
looking at patterns on floors also ... guess I'm hooked on
quilting {if you haven't figured that out by now}.

 Baby quilt ... another way to use up all those scrap pieces.

 Lotus leaves fabric which I used on a quilt back also.
 Lovin' the combination of pink and black fabrics with splashes
 of orange and white fabric to make the quilt 'pop'.

 I have so many scrap pieces of fabric I just might use this
layout for a quilt.  
 I love bright colors ... this is on a quilt back.
 I'm lovin' this one also - this block style work perfectly for
large print fabric ... which I don't have many of in my stash.

 I believe these are examples for a future class offered by the Guild.
 Fabric Art = Awesome!
This is scrap fabric woven with ribbon.
Button embellishments and beading added
 = a pretty cool and unusual wall hanging.
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  1. Lovely quilts as always. We hope the bad weather breaks soon. Let us hope for an early Spring. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Beautiful quilts..the possibilities are endless with quilting.

  3. K.,
    These pictures make the quilts look even better than they were in real life. What kind of lens were you using?! I couldn't see all this detail from our seats. Thanks for the up-close view!!

    1. I am so happy with my front row seat too! I can see the stitching well. I'm loving that school quilt! It's got me thinking today so I'm back in my front row seat.

  4. Fabric Art = Awesome! Totally agree...happy stitching!