Saturday, January 11, 2014

Around The Sewing Machine & We've Got Ice On The Creek!

 This little westie/scottie stuffed dog took me a long time to make.
I'm thinking there has to be a simpler way to put this together.
 Valentine's Day with Julep.
 A new quilting book I ordered through Amazon.
Have book marked a few quilts to try out.
 One of the two Christmas themed quilts done and ready to be put away.
 Thank you to Chris D. for finding this little gem of a scottie/westie
... it has been donated to the Facebook Northern New England
Westie Rescue fundraiser ... I'm filling the inside with chocolate kisses.
While freezing my butt off taking frozen creek pictures the
other day I just happen to look up instead of out and 
snapped this picture of an early moon rise.
 Geese on a semi-frozen creek.
 Sunset reflection on ice.
 It was freezing outside and this proves it.
 Oyster shells in ice.
From freezing to near 60 degrees today ... this weather is crazy.

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  1. The stuffed Scottie is lovely. Here the weather is crazy too. We cant complain though as at least it is mild. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly