Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's Hear It For Sock Monkey's!

 ... Julep ...
 Nothing is sacred in this house ... and that
includes my sock monkey watching TV pillow.
 Wilson & I both laughed at Julep as she pushed and
mashed the pillow until it was just right for her little head.
 We all know who this is.

 The Derby "Butt of Approval" seal of another completed quilt.
 Sock monkey's in bright colors for the back of this quilt.
 I'm getting low on sock monkey fabric ... this could
be a problem ... a real problem!

 Derby didn't mind the head rub but he much prefer
a good old fashion belly rub.
 ... The Scottie Quilt ...
This quilt was made for our builders daughter who currently
is attending her last year at vet school.  I don't know her but 
I thought it would be fun to surprise her with this gift.
 I went pretty generic on the top but went a little bright on the 
back figuring I have a 50/50 chance she'll like one side.

... The Back ... 
Going through a ton of pictures for our real estate agents
I thought I'd share a few with you.
 I'll miss this house and all it's beauty.
 Who needs to go to Washington, DC to see the cherry blossoms
 when we have four cherry trees in our front yard.
 Spring Fog on Leadenham Creek
 Ever changing weather makes each day different and unique.
 Blooming red bud tree in spring fog.
Summer rainbows on Leadenham Creek are special. 
Until next time ... take care, Katie


  1. Your house is very pretty. Always chuckle at Derby's butt of approval. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Derby has good placement for his butt of approval on that quilt and Julep did a good job of fitting that pillow to her head.
    Love that picture of the spring fog

  3. The best is yet to come...good for you! :)