Friday, February 7, 2014

This & That

 new ... improved ... washed ... and ... groomed ... westies
 Well here they are direct from the groomers minus all that
winter coat which was getting out of hand even with me
brushing and trimming it up.
 It's always a semi-stressful day when they are left at Ms. D's
house of barking dogs day spa.  I'm told once I leave
they settle down but once I come to pick them up they
act like little maniacs trying to escape from the house of horrors.
Forgot to mention this sock monkey quilt-in-progress is for Kate's
{see picture a few posts ago} grandson who is 15 months. 
 While the westies are being groomed I do a little shopping
in the Glen Burnie area which is a mecca of stores compared to the
area we live in on the eastern shore.   My favorite spots to
hit are Home Goods, Hancock Fabric, BJ's Wholesale.
 Isn't this the sweeties Scottie fabric?  I purchased 2 yards [just
to have] at Hancock Fabric as well as the paw print one below.  
The only thing I don't like is this fabric is paper thin -
meaning it's not {in my opinion} a good quality fabric to
use in making a quilt or even a pillowcase so I'll probably use
it to make some American Girl doll dresses or maybe use is
for a binding on a quilt top.
A better quality fabric from Hancock.
 Julep giving me the old evil eye because she didn't like that
I placed the fabric on her back for this picture.
 Trying to figure out what fabric I'll use on the top and
bottom of the quilt to frame the center.  I was thinking of using the
light sock monkey fabric [in the middle of the pinwheels] but then
thought about a 15 month old dragging it around the floor ...
so I'm looking at a darker color. 
Throw-back Friday & my first introduction to westies.  
Rocky {in the back} and that cute little fellow stealing a drink of water
 from my glass is Murphy.  They belong to our friends Stan & Leslie.
 Without this introduction to the westie breed Wilson & I would have 
went with a mini bull terrier as our pet of choice.  So ... thank you Stan & Leslie!
Stan just happened to be volunteering at the local shelter when someone
dumped a westie - he was in such bad shape the shelter didn't want to take him
due to his medical {skin} issues. But Stan talked them into accepting him so
Opie came home to nursed back to wellness.  I knew Opie wouldn't 
go back to the shelter when he got well and now Opie
is a member of the pack living the good life with his brothers.   
The thing with westies is skin issues and a lot of people get frustrated
with the medical expense when all it takes it giving them the RIGHT 
food as well as supplements to boost their immune system.  I
could write a book on this dealing with all the questions I get
Happy Friday & a good weekend to all.


  1. Being left at the fur stealers is a horror of all horrors here too. J&D look very good. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh they both look fabulous. Duke is going to have to get to the groomers soon too. I was hoping to wait until it wasn't so cold though