Saturday, February 22, 2014

Snow, Snow Drops & Westies

 My boy Derby comfy in his little pink bed with his favorite toys.
 Went out to take a few pics of our last snow which was a
disappointment once again {no real accumulation here on
the eastern shore of Maryland}.  This is taken from the dock
looking at the back of the house which has a lot of glass.
 Does this means spring is on the way?  My little cluster of
snow drops are blooming.  Someone said they saw an
osprey but I think it's a little early for them to be here
looking for nesting sites.  Osprey sighting are a sure sign of spring.
 Not much snow for the westies to play in.

 Julep ... pink ears & curled tail.
Who knows what has Julep's attention in the yard.

 Another Derby expression.
He has a million of them.

 We stopped at the little park near our new property and
caught the geese flying low.  They are getting ready to
land in someone's yard next to the park.
A Facebook friend posted this and I just happen to
catch it on my news feed.  I'm assuming this is
a real paint color and if it is ... guess what color the inside
of the new house will be!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Katie. Spring is on its way. We had nice weather over the weekend.