Monday, February 24, 2014

The Paris Quilt

 Derby the little ballerina!
Talk about timing ... how funny is this?

 Paris quilt in the 'construction' mode.
It's dinner time for Julep & Derby.
 Dinner is served at promptly 5:00p.m.
and not a minute later.  Here they are
telling me to stop what I'm doing
and feed them.
 Have I got a deal for you ... 
For just $19.95 you could have your very
own Paris quilt ... & if you order now we'll include
another one just like it ... all you need to
do is pay shipping!
 ... Finished quilt ...
 The center blocks are from the manufacturers
suggested use for this grouping of fabric.
Since I didn't order enough yardage I had
to come up with the top and bottom design.
The gray with the red, black, and cream
blocks took me 7 hours to make to make 6.

 The back fabric is also from this collection.
... Fabric from Hobby Lobby ... 
My sister spent 2 nights with me and during her
visit we hit a few fabric stores ... Quilt Vine,
Hobby Lobby, and Lilies of the Field quilt shop.
 Fabric from Lilies of the Field quilt shop.
All fabric was on sale so I got some deals.
 I have a collection of fairy fabric which will
make some super-cute quilt{s} one of these days.
This picture is so cute I just had to
post it again. Have a great week
& thank you so much for visiting.


  1. Fabulous quilting as ever. LOL we are the same at dinner time, not a minute late. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That picture was worth seeing twice. It's adorable. Very nice quilt too.

  3. Pawsome quilt! And cute puppy photo!