Friday, March 14, 2014

Hi Everyone . . .

 A new quilt in which Julep made herself comfy
 while I did the rest of the ironing.
 I like the fabric and color combination of this one.

 Julep never lets Derby have the upper hand for long.

 I've had this quilt finished for some time but never took
a full picture of it.  I had a lot of this fabric left over
so I made another quilt using the 'Jumping Jack's' pattern which 
I'll show you soon.
I'll be replacing the winter bird quilt which is currently on the
end of this bed with this brightly colored one for summer.
 The landscapers will be here on Saturday morning to
put down mulch before the snow on Monday.
Pool gets uncovered 4/1 & the house officially goes on the
market on 4/1.  Wish us luck.
The Jacuzzi spa which we never use.  Don't ask me
why because I don't know!


  1. Have a super Saturday and yes we wish you luck and our paws are crossed for you.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Best of luck selling your house. Love all the quilts