Monday, April 28, 2014

Amish Quilts

 Derby said enjoy the quilts
from the Amish countryside
of Lancaster, PA.
 These quilts are big & there is no
way I will ever make one that large.

 Quilt on the porch at the Fabric Shack.
 The note on the bottom of this quilt reads
... hand quilted by a 93 year old lady.
 All the quilts hanging above were found
at Sylvia's including this sign above.
 Obie's ... not for the faint of heart!
And this is the 'neat' aisle!
From floor to ceiling at least 2 and 3
bolts back ... if you're in a rush
don't go there!!
Don't tell anyone but the next fabric shopping trip is
scheduled for the fall of the year ... so I better
get busy making quilts for all those rescues
that requested them.  I think it's up to 15.


  1. Love the quilts. I can't imagine hand quilting something that large though. Patience and talent would certainly be needed.

  2. Thanks for sharing as we loved seeing those. Fabulous. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly