Saturday, April 26, 2014

Must Like Fabric ... More For My Stash!'

 My sister Deb and I had a very very productive
fabric shopping trip in Lancaster, PA as you will
see by the fabric pictures below.

 2 yard cuts of fabric = 18 pieces of fabric!
These will be kept for backs of quilts.
 These are a few of the back of quilt fabrics.
1/2 yard cuts of fabric = 6 pieces
 I love fairies and this will be adorable for a little girl quilt.
 I can't wait to use these for a quilt or two.  We found them
in the vintage section of fabrics at Zooks.
 1 yard cuts of fabric = 36 pieces
I'm a sucker for Xmas fabric and the Moda pre-cut
squares are a perfect way to make a quilt quick.
I believe the Winter Wonderland collection is new this year.
The red dot fabric is part of this collection.

 The seahorse fabric will be used for the back of a
quilt I'm making for my sister's boss at work.
She loves everything beach so I'll have fun with this one also.
This picture doesn't due this fabric justice.  
It is beautiful and I hate to cut it.  If you look very closely you will see
 silver running through the design.  I'm debating on how to use
this on the quilt front to keep most of the fabric in-tact.

 I found a nice selection of panels to keep on
hand for those quick baby quilts ... at a new
fabric store {for us} called Obies.  Now Obies is a trip!
Floor to ceiling bolts of fabric stacked two and three
 deep.  The owner is a fabric hoarder for real and
this isn't a place you go if you want organization, 
in a rush or claustrophobic.  I took a picture
on my cell phone and I'll post that on Sunday.
But through all the stacks and chaos Nancy [the sales clerk]
knew exactly where everything.  We'll go back.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out all
my new fabric ... I'll be posting a few more
pictures of various Amish made quilts on Sunday.


  1. I've always enjoyed reading your fabric shopping trip so many nice patterns.

  2. Love the fabrics and the sock monkey one made us smile. Have a serene Sunday and let us all partake of some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I would say you had a very successful shopping trip. Awesome fabrics. That should keep you busy for a while

  4. Katie, Katie, Katie--you are supposed to be cleaning out to get ready for the move. But I've got to say these fabrics are really lovely--and such a selection!!