Friday, April 4, 2014

Just Another Day Around Here

 I know it's a little early to say Happy Easter but I am anyway!
 I had this quilt pieced together and the back fabric picked 
out when I spotted a Facebook auction already in progress
to help one Scottie rescue group ... so I made a last minute
donation to the auction.  This quilt raised a cool 
$100.00 for that rescue.  I've already been contacted
to make quilts for 3 fall fund raisers and 1 speciality
event for 2015.  Quilting for a good cause ... I love it!
 I just need to press the quilt, fold it up nicely, and mail it 
out to the winning bidder today.  
 Julep behind the puppy gate on the deck.  Both westies
had eyes on me while I walked the yard taking pictures.

 Derby watching from our bedroom window.
Our deck and overhangs have been power washed as well
as all the windows on the outside.  My job [should
I accept it] is to clean all the inside windows.
Have a great day ... I've got window washing
duty today {but to be honest I rather be sewing}.


  1. Good luck with the window cleaning and bravo for the green papers you raided for the rescue group. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. EWWWW window washing duty....NO FUN. I would rather be doing anything. LOL.