Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Once Upon A Time ...

 Once upon a time there were two stinky westies ...
who wished they would not get a bath.
 And so their wish came true ... a bath with  Kalaya Emu Oil
shampoo and a special fur-dry with their very own fur-dryer.
 This was listed as a quiet dryer but really it isn't.
It has great air force on low to really push out the water
in their coats.  The air only gets warm and never hot
which is also a big plus.  Was it worth the $'s ... yes!
 Derby was the first one up for a bath.  He's really
such a good boy [in the sink] when it comes to a bath
{that is once I catch him}.  We play this game ... he runs upstairs 
and sits on the table waiting for me.  At least he doesn't
hid under the bed!  Julep on the other hand is a real drama queen.

 Yes ... Derby we all know that by the pictures I posted.

 By the time Julep is finished rockin' and rollin' on the
towels she's pretty much dry.  Derby has such a thick coat
it takes me forever to dry him with the fur-dryer.

 Is this the evil eye from Julep?  She wants a treat
to compensate for all the bath torture.
 I know Julep it's treat time.
 Julep has a habit of sitting right below the treat jar 
in the kitchen when she wants one.  

 If they could talk they would say ... put down that
stupid camera and give us what we want ... now!
Bottom line ... they got their baths, treats and naps
so mission accomplished!  Have a nice day and thanks
for taking the time to stop by and check-in with us.


  1. I get lots of treat after I get me a bath. I don't like dem either… but I grin and bare it. You both look pawsome and I bet you smell good too.

  2. And rightly compensated for the torture LOL. We hate baths and grooming and nail trimming. Get down and get dirty is our motto. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I luv baths - I run and jump in da tub if someone even says da word. And I's even jumped in a tub full of water when I wasn't sposed to. But I has so much hair, it takes me hours to completely dry.

  4. by the look on Juleps face in that one picture you better get that treat

  5. Hi Katie, I just came over from Molly, the dog blog to say hi. So glad I did; I'm surprised our paths haven't crossed before as I am a dog lover and also a quilter. I will be your newest follower. Your pups are so beautiful-I have a Bichon, but love Westies.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Hi again, I'm thinking Westies are easier to bathe than a Bichon. If I don't have Hunter mat free, bathing him only makes them worse and then our groomer gets upset-so I try not to give him a bath unless he has gotten into something. I use a shampoo that is for white dog-makes them so shiny; Hunter looks gray when he isn't clean. Your two are so cute and I'm wondering how old they are. Looking forward to getting to know you; also want to visit your sewing site-I've got grands who I sometimes try to make American Girl clothes for.
    Happy Friday,