Friday, June 27, 2014

I See Westies ... I See Dots!

I'm up on the table & you're not! 
Julep knocked down the pillow so Derby couldn't get up.  
 The pool water is almost warm enough to go in ... maybe.
 I have no idea what Julep is looking at but I did move the
pillow so Derby could get up if he wanted.
 ... Don't you feel sorry for me? ...
 Dots ... I see dots & so does Derby.
I've been wanting to make a dot quilt for some time now
and I finally found a pattern that would be fun to make.
 Derby is debating if he likes it or not.

 I'm still deciding on what the 5" border fabric should be.
The size [without the border fabric] is already much wider than
 I normally make.  The pattern has one more row of 3 blocks
but I ran out of dot fabric so I'll think about adding a few inches
to top and bottom borders to compensate.
 The back room production area.
 Just Julep
 A super-simple quilt pattern with big blocks.
I wanted to use the left over ZenChic by Moda fabric I had.  
Each block is 5" x 5"with a total of 8 blocks per unit. 
Have A Great Weekend

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