Thursday, June 26, 2014

Westies, Fairy Quilt & Baby Ducks Growing Up

 The 'boy' in one of his favorite comfy spots.

 Perfect size fairy quilt.

 Baking in the hot summer sun.

 Several real estate agents basically said our dock needed
to be power washed and re-stained.  We were reluctant to do this
but we did for the tune of $800.00!  This was something we couldn't
do ourselves and even if Wilson wanted to do it I wouldn't let him. 
The dock does look great but will it sell the house ... probably not!
 The lilies are blooming by the pool.
 I posted about a month ago the group of baby ducks with their
mom ... here is the group minus the mom and two.
 They hang out around the Crab Claw restaurant and of course
I was feeding them little pieces of bread while taking pictures.
 The duck feeding drew attention of some big fish. When
one jumped out of the water it not only shocked the ducks
it shocked me also ... I got wet.
A Few Funnies


  1. Love the pictures of the ducks

  2. I'm not sure I would have power washed the dock, but it's done now. We'll see if the "experts" were right! And I can't get that picture of the "adult thong" out of my mind....argh-h-h-h!