Sunday, June 15, 2014

On Our Back From Baltimore We Stopped ...

 We left early this morning to drive into Baltimore to visit
my parents for Father's Day.  Everyone had a nice relaxing
lunch and on the way back home we stopped in Annapolis
to stock-up on frozen raw food and a few bags of treats.
 The westies are familiar with this store but for the most part
it's just me picking up the food to bring home.  Needless to say
they had a big time sniffing the foods and sniffing 
all the dogs that have been there before them.
 The Pet Barn has an exceptional selection of frozen raw
foods, bones, treats, and yogurt for dogs.
 K-9 Kravings is a Baltimore based company which
received excellent reviews on it's raw food products. 
 I do like to give a little variety in the protein department.
Vital Essentials in another good one which the westies love.
 Having a great time checking out the rawhide bins.
 I can't get out of this store for under $100.00!
 Sniff-sniff here .... and sniff-sniff there.
 We had to drag them out ... they did NOT want to leave.

 This is a new treat we will be trying.  I will feed
the westies raw tripe but it's awful smelling
even in the frozen form ... and yes, this is an
excellent food for them so I will put up with the smell.
Julep ... Knows & Julep ... Won't Forget
Wilson & I will be heading to Ocean City, Maryland for a
quick get-a-way on Monday to celebrate our 16th wedding
anniversary.  Our reservations are at the Lighthouse Hotel and
will be having dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse.
Photo's to follow on Tuesday.
The westies will be staying home with Rebecca
who is a new pet sitter we will be trying out.


  1. Raw tripe? Crikey that is smelly. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Well they sure had a fun time grocery shopping. That new German Sheppard friend of theirs though seems a bit "stuffy"

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  4. Loved Ann's comment above about the "stuffy" German Shepard friend. Happy Anniversary--enjoy the guys deserve it. I'm sure Rebecca will treat the Westies well.

  5. they look super excited in the store.

    Happy Anniversary!