Monday, June 2, 2014

Production Schedule & Why I Do What I Do

 The question of the day ... why do I donate quilts to westie rescue groups.

 At times I have to wonder to myself ... why I do all this work.

 The 'almost complete' production area of the guest bedroom.
 These quilts all need binding sewed on which I do by hand.
 I love this nautical/fish fabric with silver outlines.
One will go to my sister's boss and the other
will go into one of the rescue auctions on FB.
Westie Rescue New England
just pulled this westie out & he is now under vet care.
When I ask myself why do I spend so much time,
effort, [and not to mention money] on making quilts for
rescue groups for fund raising ... I see a story on FB
which reminds me of why I need to continue to do what I do.

I have to admit I couldn't do what the rescue people do.
They go in to puppy mill and negotiate with those people to
release dogs.   Mills will sometime auction off dogs
to other mills or when a rescue group is luck to get notified
a sale is going on they go in and buy whatever westies are there.
... and then there are the people who dump westies at shelters or 
even leave open their front door and let them run the streets
because they don't want them anymore.
All these dogs are in need of medication attention which
cost money even tho rescues have specific vets they
work with at discounted rates ... plus the cost of what
the foster family has to do to continue getting them back
into a healthy state for placement in a fur-ever home.

I have to say I've never seen a westie with nails like the one
above and I'm happy he is now getting medical attention.
... Which Brings Me To ...
This is why I must do what I do
to help fund raising efforts for any westie rescue group
in the US & Canada.  It's important to me to help
[in my small way] to give these westies a second chance
with the opportunity to be placed within a loving family.


  1. Thank you for making all these quilts to help so many hurting Westies. What a blessing you are to these groups. You have a big heart.

    1. We so agree. You do an amazing job and raise so many green papers for charity. Yes you have a big heart.
      Have a marvellous Monday.
      Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh my word, that picture is heartbreaking, that poor little thing. Your talent and hard work is definitely going to a good cause

  3. We think it is so pawsome what ya do!

  4. Bless you for all you do!! I love your quilts and love looking at pics of Julep and Derby. xoxo, Terri and Spencer (my westie)