Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Christmas Fabric & Update ... Rosie The Rescue Westie

 My friend Laura asked me to make her a Christmas tree skirt. had a sale so I asked her to take a peek and give
me some suggestions of fabric she liked.  I ordered
three of this year's holiday collection from Michael Miller.
 This is for me because I like it.
 I have two yards so it will probably be a back to a quilt.
 Julep likes the holiday fabric also.

 Laura picked this out which is something I would have never
guessed she would like.  
 Giving the new fabric a good 'sniff-over' before I put it away.
 This is Rosie when she was first rescued from a puppy mill.
I still can't get over those nails.
This is Rosie today.  What a big difference with the
right TLC.  She still has a way to go but what a major
improvement.  She is being loved and cared for by
a great westie rescue group and the hope is that 
she will progress enough to able to go to a forever home.
... and this is why I make quilts for westie rescue groups
to raise funds to help dogs like Rosie.


  1. Poor little Rosy….my daughter recently fostered a rescue, but she had to give him back due to heart worms. He's at the vet now until his med regimen is completed and he's (hopefully) heart worm free.

  2. Sending Rosie POTP! It are so good she are somewhere where she are bein taken care of now.

  3. Rosie's eyes went from being afraid to looking at someone she clearly adores. What a great cause you give your quilts to.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Poor little Rosie...she sure looked bad! We's real glad you make quilts to help pups like her...