Monday, July 14, 2014

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

 We had a house showing yesterday and had to kill some time
while 'the not so potential prospects' looked through the house. 
Off for a quick lunch at Sonic Burger then we stopped by
 PetSmart for some stimulation ... of the kitty kind.
 Julep really could have cared less about the kitties.
 I had 2 cats pre-westies {named Ruffles & Bows}.   This kitty looks just
like Bows.  Notice the fur standing up on the back & tail?
 Derby would still be trying to get into the kitty area
if I didn't pick him up to 're-focus' his attention.
 Needless to say the westies had a grand old time sniffing
everything in PetSmart.  I was sure Derby was going to 
spend more time going down the pet food aisles looking
for stray pieces of kibble but he was focused on getting to
the dog training area ... which caused some disruption to the class.
Exit PetSmart here!
We purchased one bag of treats - Wilson knew he put them into the car
but we still can't find them ... it's like this bag disappeared into thin air.


  1. Happy Monday, Sorry that the folks looking at your house didn't make an offer. Here in Colorado, homes are selling before they hit the MLS and often having multiple bids. Having gone through this with our home in March and now with our daughter's home and helping them to move, I know the amount of work involved. May your home sell quickly and for more than you are asking. Why are you moving and are you staying in your area? Hope it goes easily. If I never have to move again, I'll be happy.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. the case of the disappearing dog treats. I imagine that Julep and Derby know nothing about it but are anxious to have their treats returned

  3. Our westies love the kitties... they sleep on the back of the couch together...

    Hope your house sells quickly and for top dollar. I've said I'll never put one on the market again until after I've moved, I hated the whole process so much last time...