Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 Julep ... Sweet ... Julep
She Blooms! 
JoAnn & Lloyd gave me this orchid plant sometime last year.
Since the last bloom it's been in a resting state until a month ago
when it started to send out the flower stalk.
 Leaving the house to allow the real estate agent to come
through with 'potential's' ... this is the second day [in a row]
the westies went to the park for a nice long walk.
 No 'potential' nibbles on the house.  Oh well,
it is what it is & there is nothing we can do about it.

 Resting after the walk.
 I don't know why Derby likes this spot behind the sofa.
I'm half Polish and I don't remember any of my relatives
quoting this Polish proverb.  {Am I right Mom?}.


  1. Lucky pups going to the park two days in a row.
    Love that polish proverb. I need to print that and post it at work.