Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Fabric Supervisors

 I decided it was time to start cleaning out working with
fabric from my stash pile.  First up ... sock monkeys!
 Do you think Derby loves fabric as much as I do?
 Fabric Supervisor ... Sir Derby Wyatt

 If you're in my way ... then you're subject to modeling fabric.
 As mentioned yesterday ... Derby is always under my feet near me.
He decided to take a nap while I was pressing fabric.
 I love ... love ... love Batik fabrics so these are next on my list to
work with.  I found a simple pattern and will start cutting these today.
 Derby sitting on the Batik's that I just finished pressing.
 Julep helped re-arrange quilt #2 of the sock monkey fabric.
Because she did this the quilt looks nothing like this now.
I've added fabric and made the brown strips smaller.
 Julep gets up and in moves Derby.
 Thank goodness there are no scheduled house showings
because I have fabric all over the place.  I can't wait to have
my own sewing room - working in the hallway and back
bedroom just isn't cutting it any more.
... Julep Said ... Have A Great Day ...

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  1. yep, he looks like a fabric lover to me :)