Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'm Making Snowballs ... That Is ... Snowballs Blocks

 The westies could use a nice cold snowball right about now.
 Julep & Derby's view into the yard.
Still haven't been in the pool once this year.
 I've been pulling out patterns from various magazines
and keeping them in a binder using plastic sheet protectors.
I came across this very simple 'snowball' block that just
seemed right for the yard of fox fabric I wanted to use.
 Sure Derby you can help.
For those wondering just why fox fabric has become so
popular ... it's because of this song.  This YouTube video
has had over 430 million views!  
 The next step after placing the white corner blocks
was to add the 8" x 3" piece to the sides of the block.
Also ... notice my first practice little dog in the
background.  A facebook friend shared her pattern
and directions with me.  Thanks Deb F.!
 My helps quit!

 Julep ... wants dinner.
As you can see the quilt top is almost done at this point.
 After they had dinner I made up the binding for the fox quilt.
 I'll quilt this soon ... just like to get the next two done
before I set my machine up for quilting.


  1. now that kind of snowball i don't mind. You've got the cutest helpers of any quilter I know

  2. LOL funny. The picture on the staircase is priceless. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I also love the picture on the staircase--you obviously over-worked those 'helpers'! I also love the "What Does the Fox Say?" video--that's a song that stays with you all-l-l-l-l-l day long. Thanks a lot--I'll be singing until this evening. :-)

  4. How sweet you each get a landing step.
    Sweet William The Scot