Monday, August 4, 2014

Newly Groomed Westies & Things I Made

 Derby looking so debonair after his grooming.
I asked the new groomer to keep them on the 'longer side'
since I wasn't sure about her ability grooming talent.
 We made it home just before the rain started.
 Julep ... looking good.
 Finally finished and Wilson likes it {which is a
surprise}. This is just big enough to lay over one of
our living room chair to protect it for the westies comfort.

 My scrap collection of blocks ... all nicely organized.
This is not my quilt but for those that want to
know what a scrap quilt looks like ... this is it.  I pulled
this picture as an example for when 
I get enough blocks to make this layout.  
 Finally finished with the Scottie flannel.  Had these cut out
and stuck in my stash box so I decided to just finish them
and be done with it.
 The pillowcase inspector.
 I used the embroidery feature of my machine and did 
a simple pattern on the cuffs of each case.
 The cases will be put into one of the 
fall time frame Facebook westie rescue auctions.
 I was wondering why Julep was so quiet after I
gave her the squeak ball so I looked down from
upstairs and this is what I saw.  Of course I went
down immediately and retrieved the ball.
 This rainbow fabric was in a 'scrap' bag of fabric I
purchased for $1.99 at a local quilt shop.  At first I
didn't like it but with the right pattern and a little sparkle
netting it's beautiful & is actually a favorite that I may
not ever give-a-way!  Now I did so much sewing while
Wilson was away I just added all the pictures on my
sewing blog ... so if you're interested you'll need to go there
Just working through my stash. 
Fox themed fabric seems to be 'in' at the moment.  I found
this in PA on our last shopping trip but it really wasn't the
fox fabric I was looking for.  I finally figured out what
pattern to use to make this into a crib-size quilt.
 Resting after grooming day. 
It was a 'big time' day for the westies.
Julep was exhausted and wasn't moving for me to 
take her post-grooming picture.
... Have a nice day & thanks for popping in ...


  1. Aww looking good after the groomer. Love the scarp quilt idea. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. They are both looking good all freshly groomed. Your quilt came out great and you sure have been busy at the sewing machine