Friday, August 1, 2014

Just the westies ... in my work zone

The Julep
 Julep is watching me get that big quilt top ready for the
sewing machine.  I'll never make another quilt this big again
and if I do it will be professionally quilted.  My arm is still
killing me from quilting this or is my old age showing?
 A girl needs her beauty sleep.  It's hard to believe she is 6.
 Dots & Owls crib quilt.  I want to make a few smaller size 
quilts for some of the Facebook Rescue fall auctions.  I figured
this will allow people the opportunity to donate without spending a 
lot of $'s on one of my larger quilt.  Anything for those little white dogs.

 I wanted to get this nautical panel out of my stash
so I came up with a simple layout.  It's small and I
plan to lay it one of our living room chairs.
 The Derby
 My messy work area.  Boy I can't wait to move into a house
so I can have a proper quilting room.  This small space is
starting to drive me crazy ... or maybe it's all that sewing that
is actually driving me batty.

See how we play on Mommy Katie's monster quilt. 

 She thought I wouldn't find her.
Have a nice rest of the day.  We're heading off to a new
groomer today so I do hope they come out looking
something like a westie and nothing like a poodle.


  1. Have a fabulous Friday and good luck with the new grommer.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I need to find my comfy spot too :) Hope the new groomer worked out good