Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Funnies & This & That

 I've been collecting funnies to share.
I'm sure some of you will relate to them.  

 Deb & I are planning our next
fabric shopping trip to
Lancaster in September.
 Who wants to walk on
a tread mill for exercise when
you can walk to a quilt shop!
 Pretty sure this rings true with
a lot of my sewing friends.
2 Happy Little Girls  
They are cousins ~ one lives
in Florida & the other in Arizona.
They are related to our real estate
agent's sister-in-law who was here
visiting so I sent her off with a
nice selection of AG clothing to
split between the girls.
 Seeing smiles like this
is why I do what I do.
For my blog friends 'across the pond'
bet you didn't know I live in the 
town that fooled the British.
Have a great rest of the day.
Off to the train station to pick
Wilson up ... he's been in NYC since
Thursday & I've been sewing like 
crazy lady since then.  Wait to see what
I accomplished.  Photo fashion show on Monday.


  1. Thanks for sharing the funnies! I especially like the yoga poses.

  2. BOL BOL and nothing like a good bit of DOGA we say. Have a serene Sunday and let us all partake of some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. oh these are really good. My favorite is the yoga one.