Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Few More Quilts ... Complete

 Here is the second angelic angel quilt I made.  This one
is slated for donation to Westie Rescue Southeast which is
located in Tennessee.  The Facebook auction starts in October.
 I will need to point out [when posting to the auction page]
that the angel is holding a lamb and not a westie.
 This quilt is already in the mail to the wife of an old high
school buddy.  Mike posted a picture of Sharon napping on the
sofa with their rescue dog [similar to the dog on the back fabric].
They live in Pennsylvania so this quilt isn't traveling far to it's new home.

 This quilt is also slated for donation to the Facebook
auction benefiting Westie Rescue Southeast.

I love Batik fabric.  The colors are so rich and warm I wish I
could buy a yard of each.  Next Friday my sister and I go on our
F.A.R.T. [to Lancaster, PA].
F.A.R.T. stands for:  Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
I booked us into a hotel close to Dutch Wonderland but I
know we won't have a second to go there.  We have a pretty
aggressive schedule of fabric shops we want to go to.

This quilt is on it's way to Houston, Texas to Dr. Kay McGuire.
Kay is the V.P. of Health of the Westie Foundation of America.
Kay has a vet practice, breeds and shows westies and is always
willing to help me with any health question on my Facebook 
This group on Facebook is now over 5,000 members strong.
This quilt is already in the hands of Westie Rescue Orange County
and Beyond located in California.  They will be using it as a
fund raising item. I'm also thinking of making a larger version of this
 pattern for a quilt that is due in January for a speciality event for the
Sun Coast Westie Club in Florida.


  1. Always fabulous. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. wonderful quilts. That angel is beautiful.