Monday, September 22, 2014

Around the house this past weekend

 It was a busy weekend around the old homestead.  A 
majority of time was spent cleaning and doing windows
because we had a 'showing' on Saturday which {in my 
humble opinion} will lead to nothing.  This seriously
cut into my sewing time and I wasn't happy.
 I'm starting to pull out the fall and Halloween decorations.
 Wonder what they're looking at.  I haven't seen squirrels
gathering nuts [yet] from our oak tree so maybe winter
will start later this year.  One could only hope.
 I did manage to work on this quilt between Saturday night
and all day Sunday.  This pattern {as simple as it is} is still
very time consuming.  Still a work-in-progess so you'll
be seeing this again when done.  Also, this is officially the
last of my Batik fabric ... until Deb & I head off to PA
[jump with joy here!].
... Cut ... Sew ... Press ... The Back ...
2-1/2" sewn to 4-1/2" = block size.
Blocks sewn together in rows & rows sewn
to rows = this quilt. I spent as much time at the ironing
board as the sewing machine with this one.
 One more border will be added to complete.
 I had some 5" squares left over from a quilt and wasn't
sure what to make.  I came up with the idea to make
pillows.  To donate or keep ... that's the question.
 Tiny Scottie buttons and glitter buttons were added.
 I ran out of fiber fill ... oh, no! 
A trip to JoAnn's is in order to finish these.
I forgot to take a picture of the back patchwork squares
 ... but you'll be seeing these again when done.
First cup of fall coffee in my favorite mug.
 Let me be the first to wish you a happy fall.


  1. The weather is so nice here too we are expecting a late Fall. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Today felt like fall here, it's been pretty cold and my husband even turned on the furnace.
    That's a pretty fall mug,