Saturday, September 27, 2014

Back from fabric shopping

 What a beautiful weekend Debby and I had in Lancaster.

 The second fabric store on our list.  I spent the most $'s here.
 Single lane bridge ... we're first.
 Eating corn.

 My new selection of back fabrics.  All in 2 yard cuts except
the blue star fabric {bottom far left} which is 5 yards.  This fabric
will be used for the back of the 'Frozen' quilts.
 The new collection of dog fabric.

 I've been using a lot of whites lately.

 I like owls and had to have this panel.
 I've made two angel quilts - one for my mom and one as
a donation to a rescue Facebook auction.  This one is for
a FB friend who wants this quilt to give to her priest
Father Dan who is Irish.  I found green to go around the gold, 
black crosses for the border and Bibles for the backing of this quilt.

 Frozen ... this fabric and panels sell out quickly.  I purchase 3.
Deb and I had such a good time we plan to go back in
January or February or sooner if we should run out of fabric before then.


  1. Well it looks like you had a very successful shopping trip. I think my favorite of all your purchases is the owl panel. That is adorable.
    That is a lot of laundry on that clothes line

  2. Hope you had a lovely day and loved the laundry day shot. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a fun way to spend the day!!! Love all your fabric choices-I know you'll make good use of them. Hope you have a fantastic Sunday.