Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A few more works-in-progress

 I wanted this picture to look fall-like but
it turned out looking like a wanted poster.
 Getting more Halloween decorations out.
 Hanging over my sewing loft wall are the work-in-progress projects.
 I had a small amount of Batik fabric left so I decided to add prairie points.
 Since I don't do a lot of quilting on my quilts I can sew
on the points then add the back and batting.
 This one is ready for batting and quilting and I'm hoping
to get it done on Thursday.
 I was going to wait and take all my scraps with us on vacation
but decided I wanted to start on this new project now.
A scrappy quilt is simple because all you do is grab two blocks and sew.
No matching required.  I need 100 blocks for the center of
the next quilt I'm making.  The ones that are hanging [above] are
what I have sewn so far.  Lots more to go!
This is not my quilt but this is the one I'm using as my model
using 2-1/2" blocks.  Mine may not turn out exactly like this
but it will be close enough.  This is an excellent quilt to
dwindle down the old stash pile.

The other day I was doing a little blog hopping and stummbled
upon Jera's blog and her post about her new book called
Quilt As-You-Go.  I missed her give-a-way of a signed copy
so I immediately ordered it thru Amazon.  As you know you
just can't order one thing so I ordered the other two books.
They came just in time so I can take them to Lancaster and
buy fabric specifically for the quilts I pick out from the books.


  1. Well I think Derby makes an adorable fall poster or wanted poster :)
    Such pretty fall colors in that quilt you are putting the prairie points on

  2. LOL it kind of does look like a wanted poster we thought Derby was in trouble. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly