Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday!

 The westies are jumping for joy ... it's Friday and it's the weekend.
We'll be going for a big car ride on Sunday ... all the way into
Baltimore to see my parents, sister and to celebrate my Dad's birthday.
 I'm not even mentioning the word 'car ride' until we're
ready to walk out the door.  Nor am I mentioning the word
'bath' which is on the schedule for Saturday.
 Julep stayed in her look out position while I went out on
the deck to take pictures of the clouds.  

 Our view ... soon the pool will be closed for the season.
This makes yet another year we haven't taken a swim.
 See Julep?
 I decided to lay down on the deck and shoot up.  
Derby thought I was crazy when I put my feet up in
the air to take this picture.  I guess I was feeling a little crazy.
 Fall is fast approaching here in Bozman and on Leadenham Creek.
 Giant hay balls ... is what I call them.

They moved the cows to the back field.  On occasion when
I'm driving down our road a cow gets out of their fenced in 
area ... of course I have to make time to go to the farmers house
and bang on the door to tell them they have a run-a-way 
cow.  The last one just laid down in the ditch outside
the fence - they're not the smartest animals on the planet!
... Have a nice weekend ...

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  1. Good luck with the baths and have a lovely time with your family and happy birthday to your dad. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly