Friday, October 3, 2014

Derby ... and ... Wyatt

 In the 5+ years Derby has been in this house he has never
jumped up on the coffee table ... until I started to bring home
quilting books from the library.  He is a sniffer!
 I wonder what goes through his head when he sniffs.
He gets so obsessed that I have to remove the books and
put them out of sniffer-reach.
 I went over to see Gail & Terry's new home before we went
out to lunch.  This is Wyatt in his new yard.
 Gail said he's obsessed with running after his ball.
I think terriers [in general] are obsessive about things.
 He has the same little squeaker ball that Julep has.

 Wyatt taking a forced break simply because Gail
hasn't thrown him the ball yet.
Gail & I had lunch in one of the newer restaurants
in St. Michaels called "Mike & Eric's Front Street" Restaurant.
It was pretty darn good.  I talked Wilson into taking me back for
dinner tonight so we'll be leaving in a few minutes.  At lunch I saw
a bowl of tomato bisque [that I want to try] as well as 
the house-made flatbread pizza.   I'll try and snap a few pics to share.
Sending you wishes for a great weekend from the
beautiful eastern shore of Maryland.


  1. Now the book sniffing is weird. Wonder why they smell so interesting? Hope you had a nice dinner. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wyatt has an awesome yard to run in.
    The coffee table is one place Duke never got up on. He often laid on the dining room chairs and I caught him on the kitchen table a couple of times but he had no interest in the coffee table. I guess because I never had library books on it :)

  3. OMG……Finlay has the sniffing gene, the climbing on the furniture and dishwasher gene, and the skirt-biting gene!!! :/