Sunday, October 5, 2014

What's Going On

 Derby [R] & Julep [L] sunning in a favorite spot on the deck.  

 Our highest tide yesterday.  A few more inches and the water 
would have topped the dock.  
 You know it's fall when the Beauty Berry bush turns bright purple.
 The final row of 2-1/2" squares were added and this is
officially done.  I still have a box full of this size square
so you will probably see other quilts done in a similar style.
 The line-up for the 'Return to Sender' quilt pattern.
 I purchased a 'Jelly Roll' made by Moda from the Old Country Store 
in Lancaster specifically to make this quilt.  For those that don't know ...
Jelly Rolls are fabric cut into 2-1/2" strips [by 44"] and then rolled up in a 
jelly roll fashion.  Moda is one of the leading manufactures of
fabric today.  The cool thing about using a Jelly Roll is that all the
fabric colors and patterns blend nicely together which eliminates
{for me} a lot of time trying to figure out what goes with what.
 I had to make a few blocks for my 'Return to Sender' quilt.
In case you haven't figured it out the blocks look like mail
slots.  This pattern is easy & I can't wait to make more.
 Several months ago a new restaurant opened on the
main street in St. Michaels called "Mike & Eric's Front
Street Restaurant".  For some reason {mainly because
this restaurant isn't on the water and in summer we just
like to eat along the waters edge} ... we finally gave 
Front Street a try.  I have to say it was pretty darn 
good ... what I had for lunch as well as what I had
for dinner ... all in the same day.
 Wilson said these are the best fried green tomato's he's
had and when Wilson gives a compliment like this
well ... you know it's good!
I was still semi-full from the burger I had at lunch
so I ordered just the tomato bisque and it was to die for!
From what I understand the chief is a whiz at making soups.
We will go back to Front Street for sure.  

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  1. Now we can't get passed the fried green tomatoes as some of ours probably wont ripen now. Have to make some for ourselves. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly