Saturday, October 25, 2014

OBX Day #6 ... Continued

 I decided we needed to leave the westies at home while
we took a quick walk to the beach for picture taking.
Trying to steady a camera while dogs are pulling on
the leash doesn't = good pictures.
 Here are a few pictures from along the way to the beach.

 I used the trick called 'invert color' on my photo software
and this is what I got.  The original was boring ... this one is not!
 Sea Oats at sunset.

 I used the trick to turn a picture into a '60's' look
and this is what I got.  
 The sands of time with a hint of sea foam.
 These guys were far away even with my long lens ... so
I really had to adjust the colors to bring out the pelicans.
 This horse shoe crab isn't going anywhere!

I was getting a little close so he took off for a more secure area.

 These beaches are made for walking ... and that's just
what I'll do ... until one of these day these beaches will
walk all over you ... hahaha ... now you won't be able
to get that song out of your head.
 From our front door the pathway to the beach = 2 seconds.
 Folks in other rentals on our street can park in front of our
rental to access the beach.  Now this VW has personality.
 Our beautiful rental.
They waited very patiently until our return. 
This will be the last posting from Duck ...
in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina.


  1. Looks like a lovely beach. Love the last photo. Safe trip home. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly