Saturday, October 25, 2014

OBX Day #6

 Vacation week flew right by and it's time to start packing
up the car for our trip back home.
 It's amazing the amount of people who hang out at this little
spot.  This sits on the property across from us which are condo's.
 Sweet smells fill the air all around us.
 I don't know what type of plant this is but it sure
does product an interesting flower.
 By the pool.

 Since I've been sickie-poo my activities have been very
limited ... like to the front deck and back pool area.
 I don't think we'll be taking the westies to walk on the beach.
But we might walk up to the end of the pathway and take
a few pictures.  It's a drag being sick on vacation.
 Boy did we have a lot of strong cold wind come through
after the rain we had.  At least today it's getting back to normal.

 These little birdies are all over the place.  One flew very
close to the deck while I was taking pictures ... it could have
been a westie treat if it came any closer!
We'll be packing up the car with non-essentials today so it
won't be too much on Saturday morning.  The steps in this
house are a killer especially when you have an upper 
respiratory infection.  We will also be heading up to
Coastal Provisioning so Wilson can pick up some prime
steaks to bring back home.  He cooked a 'test' one on the grill
a few nights ago just to be sure it was as good as last time
and it was!  

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  1. Oh no nothing worse than being sick on vacation. Drats that sucks. Safe trip home tomorrow and have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly