Friday, October 10, 2014

Sharing The Talent of Others: Bayside Quilters October Meeting

 Derby needs a grooming which is scheduled for next week.
We'll be leaving for the Outer Banks soon ... for a little vacation time.
 Sharing the vast talent of the member portion called 'show and tell'
at the Bayside Quilters October meeting.

 The snow globe was done via machine embroidery.

Bayside Quilters
Image Printing and Transfer
Lesley Riley, Guest Lecturer 
Learn how to successfully print or transfer your photos and artwork to fabric.
This demo-lecture will demystify the variety of transfers you can do
 with TAP Transfer Artist Paper. Lesley will demonstrate and discuss preparing
 photos for fabric printing and transfers as well as the pros and cons
 of various transfer methods, printers and inks.

I learned a lot of useful information from this lecture so
now this process of transferring photo's to fabric
is on my 'to do list' for 2015.  


  1. The photo transfers are just great. What a neat idea. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Derby is so sweet looking in that picture it makes you want to eat him up!! My little guy, Spencer is getting groomed next week also. Just wondering--do you sell your quilts and if so do you take orders for a certain fabric? Thanks. Terri