Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catching Up On Last Minute Sewing Projects

 Julep's deer watching position from the bedroom window
into the woods.  I hope they're not disappointed with the
rental house windows.  We should know for sure on Monday
if we have the 'deal' or not.  If we do I'll be busy packing
box - after box - after box of stuff we collected over
17 years in this home ... Wish us luck!
 In sets of three!
A FB friend contacted me several weeks ago about 3 of her
relatives receiving American Girl dolls for Christmas.
She asked if I could make some outfits for them.  At first
I said I didn't have time but with all the back and forth
with the house contract I decided not to seriously start
packing until tomorrow.  There will be a nice size box 
stuffed with AG clothing heading out to Louisville on Monday.
 She'll have fun dividing up the clothing among the girls.
 There are several outfits that are the same but for the
most part items in the box are different.  Decisions will
have to be made ... glad it's not me doing the dividing up.
 This is the beginning of a quilt that I promised almost a 
year ago to a Florida westie group.  I'm creating it as
I go along ... this is my FINAL quilt until ... 
things are settled one way or another.
 It's the season for a few holiday funnies.

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  1. Wishing you the best, I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.