Friday, November 28, 2014

Westies & Quilts

 My scarf is on and I'm ready to go to grand mom's house.
 Is it time to beg for turkey yet?

 Just me relaxing after our thanksgiving dinner.
... A Few Quilts To Show ...
 This quilt is going to my hair dressers adopted son Jack.
 This quilt is going to our landscaper's son.
 The Frozen quilts are going to my hair dressers adopted
twin girls who technically are her nieces and nephews.
When their young mother died [suddenly] and the father was
not to be found the 3 kids were headed for the foster system
in Colorado [which couldn't promise to keep them together].
That's when my hairdresser and her husband {it was his sister's
kids} stepped in and went for adoption of Angel, Catherine & Jack.
Talk about having a heart of gold.  My hairdresser son just finished
college and now they are starting a family all over again.  Bless
their souls for taking these kids in.  

I don't know if you remember I posted a few 
weeks ago I was sending several quilts to my FB
friend who's mom has dementia and in a nursing
home.  She sent me this picture last night of her mom
with one of the quilts.  This is why I do what I do ... it
makes my heart happy to help others.


  1. Wow, those quilts are so pretty but we LOVE your scarf!

  2. Those quilts are all so pretty. Julep and Derby look very festive in their scarves