Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Frozen ... the last quilt!

 Remember I said {in a previous post} I had one more
Frozen quilt to make ... well folks ... this is it!
I'm officially done with Frozen!
 During the walk through of our rental we met Evelyn who
is 4.  She loves the movie Frozen {show me a kid who doesn't}
so I told her mom {Rebecca} I would finish this quilt for her.
I signed the gift tag from ... Mrs. Santa Claus  & left the
packages at the door.  I found a beautiful Xmas quilt I
wrapped and gave to Rebecca & Johnny {the parents}
plus I found a suitable quilt for a little boy {all from my quilt stash}
... so everyone received a quilt.  Not wanting to leave the dog out
I wrapped up a box of Buddy Biscuits dog treats.
 I'm terrible with names which means I forgot the
dogs name.  I was having fun with frames so I
thought the dog deserved a little attention also.
 Rebecca mentioned she will e-mail out the pictures
of the dog and kids I made for her.  By the way this
home has a nice size screened in porch.
Now the reason I'm showing this picture is because of the
room size ... do you know how much fabric I could stash
in a place like this?  But alas ... the reality is more than likely 
it will be used to hold boxes for the next year.
Happy Christmas Eve Eve


  1. That is very kind of you. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I bet they loved their quilts. That room would make an awesome sewing room