Monday, December 29, 2014

It's New Year's Eve Eve!

 It's New Year's Eve Eve ... so how are you planning
to spend New Year's Eve?  This will be our last
'ringing in the new year' in this home ... so we plan to
have a nice steak dinner here while watching all
those crazy people freeze their butts off in Time Square.
Sounds perfect to me!

 The Quilt Inspectors
 The snowball quilt arrived at it's final destination in sunny
Florida a few days ago.  This quilt [as well as the other westie quilt I sent]
will be used for a fund raising pledge of $1,000 to the Westie Foundation.
 I like the bright and happy colors and hope it finds a good home.
 Adding the extra touch of 'points' [on the cases] took more 
time than I would have liked ... meaning I won't be doing that often!
 These also went along to Florida.  Even if they only get a
few $'s towards the cause - it's worth it.
 The birds love poking and pecking around on this tree
bark ... must be something yummy lurking inside.
Have a great day 
Happy New Year's Eve Eve!


  1. Best wishes for a happy new year's eve and many more in your new home!!

  2. New Years eve day I have to work and then it will be home to lounge in my pajamas and most likely fall asleep long before the ball drops.
    Hope you enjoy your last New Years celebration in your house

  3. Today is actually New Year's Eve Eve Eve!!