Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Julep ... Then ... & ... Now

 Mommy Ming & the Gang of 9 Pups
Julep is in the top row {middle} and
she is clearly the biggest of the litter!
 I have my sister to thank for these pictures.
She was cleaning out her e-mails and found them.
 These pictures bring back a lot of memories ...
just how much fur she had ... one ear up and one down
{glad that corrected itself}, those sharp little baby teeth,
potty training, puppy classes at PetSmart and me
constantly saying 'no bites'.

 Julep ... Now
She will turn 7 in April.  At that age dogs
are considered 'senior'.  So far she's been
in great health and hope she lives a long life.
My number 1 girl ... who is a barker & wants what she
wants ... when she wants it.  That's the alpha in her
but I love her just the same.


  1. aw, how sweet she was and she's just as pretty as can be.

  2. Ah, those puppy memories. Today's a good day to look back. That last photo is really beautiful.