Friday, March 6, 2015

From the Sewing Room

 I'm still trying to figure out the placement of my sewing
tables but this will do for now.
 This quilt is called Tidal Pool.  It was a kit I purchased
from Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis last month.  I wanted
my first 'new house' quilt project to be simple with all the 
fabric and instructions in a nice little package.
 The westies love my large sewing room which is over the garage.
They chase each other around my tables and bark.  In this house 
there is so much to see and bark at they stopped taking afternoon
naps ... so after dinner they are out like lights.

 I like the way the second floor is designed.
Derby is running towards our master bedroom.
Up those two steps are the guest bedroom, Wilson's
conference room, Wilson's office and a full bathroom.
I'll post pictures of these rooms tomorrow.
 In Bozman we had stink bugs - in this house we have lady bugs.  

 Derby discovers my boxes of fabric.

 He is obsessed with bird cage fabric.  It was
sent to me from a Facebook friend who was cleaning out
her stash and thought I could use it.  I think Derby is
smelling her dogs.

 I started on another quilt using the same pattern as Tidal Pool.   
Westie Rescue Michigan has a FB fund raising auction which
starts next Saturday so fingers crossed I get this done in time.
It was good for my body and soul to take a day off to do
what I wanted ...  SEW ... but Saturday it's back to work 
doing tax stuff and maybe going over to the storage
unit to bring more boxes to unpack.


  1. Ladybugs are so much better than stink bugs!! Momma sez should would luv to have that big a sewing room!!

  2. OMG They are so cute.... I lived in a house where we got inveded with lady bugs, it was neat but creepy and annoying too.

  3. Looks like you have made it a home now and so the Westies agree. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I'm glad you finally got some time to sew. I would much rather have the lady bugs than the stink bugs. Stink bugs are ugly