Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Around The House

It's Sunday and I {Derby} have things to do ...
like watching the doggies being walked from the
screened in porch and trying to figure out how to
break out of the porch-jail.

 We managed to bring in [from the garage] that long buffet
table.  It flips open to make another full size table.
It was heavy but we did it and it fits perfectly.
 I know I said this before but from not wanting a formal
dining room to now wanting to have a formal dining 
room in the new house is a must.  The trick will be to
have the room the same size since everything fits perfectly.
 We still have boxes in the office area and
I need to get a pad to hold that needlepoint rug
in place.  I'm glad now we didn't give that rug away.
 The 3 piece unit with light bridge was a bear for
the movers to move.  This piece was something we had in
our Potomac home and was placed in Wilson's office when
we moved.  We talked about selling it but it was expensive and I still
like it.  Who knows if it will fit into the next house because
we don't need an office/den in that house.

 We still have dishes, crystal and other dinner party stuff
 in storage which I hope to get out over the next few
days.  Anything I can't find a spot for will be boxed up
and stored in my sewing room since I have plenty of room.
 The current drill is ... see doggies from the screened in
porch ... run into the door to push it open ... then 
charge up the steps to my sewing room windows ...
then bark ... bark ... bark.  They will be disappointed
when we move to Riverview Terrace since there are
not many dogs over there.  Here in Back Creek Landing
I think it's a mandatory rule to have a dog.  Yesterday I counted
at least 6 large breed dogs being walked past the house.
 Wilson in his new office which is at the front
of the house.  We're not crazy about the colors in
any room in this house ... but we're not repainting.
It's a running joke that this is Wilson's 'conference
room' since it is next to his office.  Conference room
sounds so much better than supply closet!
Have a great Sunday & thanks for popping in.

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