Thursday, April 23, 2015

A New Block ... But First ... His Royal Cuteness

 His Royal Cuteness needs a good grooming
which is scheduled for next Thursday.
 With the fur hanging over is eyes he looks like an owl.
Not to be left out Sleeping Beauty is scheduled for
Monday morning.  Since we are living closer to the groomer 
I decided to take them separately.  It's total mayhem when
 I take both at the same time ... overall this will be
better for the groomer as well as for my sanity.
 I have stacks of fabric sitting out and about in my sewing
area ready to be made into 'some thing'.  I'm trying to re-build my stash
of donation quilts.  This was my sample block and have to
say I love the way this looks.  I used two different white on 
whites fabrics to add a little more dimenstion.
This will not be a large quilt because I only have one yard
of the red dog fabric ... but it's guaranteed to be a fun and happy
quilt for the future receiver.  I'm pushing hard to get
this one done by the weekend.  Signing off so I can ... cut, sew, press
more of these cute little star blocks together.

1 comment:

  1. I love the look of those blocks but even more I love seeing his royal cuteness :) Happy sewing