Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mommy Katie is a Slacker

 Mommy Katie is a slacker according to the Urban dictionary ...
why ... because she has not posted since last Saturday.
Someone who puts off doing things to the last minute, 
and when the last minutes comes, 
decides it wasn't all that important anyways and forgets about it

 To slightly un-slack myself this is what's been going on.
 On Easter Sunday Wilson & I had a nice brunch
with friends JoAnn & Lloyd at Mason's in Easton.
 I enjoyed a glass of bubbly with the best
blueberry pancakes ... ever!
 JoAnn's brunch selection ... the Western Omelet.
The guys also decided on egg dishes for brunch.
 After brunch I came home to finish up this simple but still
cute square quilt top.  It will go into one of the auctions down the road.
 Nothing new here with Derby checking out the newly
pressed quilt top.  Still need to find a back fabric to finish
this one up.  Fabric shopping in PA starts on Friday afternoon.
 Derby ... the most expressive westie face ever!
 Play time in the sewing room.  At least that gives me a
break from J&D barking at the neighborhood dogs being walked.
The frog position ... post-play time in the sewing room. 
Off to the Bayside Quilts Guild meeting this morning.
Have a great day and thanks for popping in for a visit. 

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  1. LOL sounds like they have been having a right old bark fest. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly