Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Work of Lee Anna Paylor

 This month's speaker at the meeting of Bayside Quilter Guild was
Lee Anna Paylor.  I'm admitting it right here and now ... I'm totally
in awe of her creative style of fiber art. I will never reach
{sadly} this level of creativity because lets face it ...
which I just realized ... I'm to darn ... linear.
 ? Which begs the question ?
What is the difference between linear and non-linear thinking?
I have the answer for you so you won't need
to go out and search the web to find the answer.

 Logic and Creativity
Some of us pride ourselves on being logical. 
We think through ideas with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine. 
We enjoy structured thought and evidence-based conclusions. 
I’m sure you know the type – we plan out every step of a process, 
follow the Gantt chart to the “t”, and ensure 
results within schedules and deadlines.

Others of us pride ourselves on being creative. 
We rejoice in the big ideas, in the new discoveries, 
and in the satisfaction of creation. We are always coming up with 
new ways to solve problems, love the questions “what if?” and
don’t mind jumping ahead in a conversation to
tell you what we just thought of.

I suggest that these two characteristics of humans (logic and creativity)
 are often correlated with two different, but not disconnected types 
of thought processes: Linear and non-Linear thinking. 
Rather than argue that one is more important than the other, 
I suggest that they are both integral to success in business and, 
on the grander scale, life.

Linear Thinking is defined as:
a process of thought following known cycles or step-by-step
progression where a response to a step must 
be elicited before another step is taken.

Non-Linear Thinking
Human thought characterized by expansion in multiple directions, 
rather than in one direction, and based on the concept that there are 
multiple starting points from which one can apply logic to a problem.

I hope these pictures have inspired in some way, shape, or form
my creative blog followers to do something 'out of the box'.

 If you'd like to add a little moonshine to your life
visit LA Paylor at her blogspot:

 The pictures I took don't due the actual works of art justice.  


  1. Hi Katie, first of all your dogs are precious!
    Please email me about the brilliant post. I need to talk to you about it ASAP.
    Thanks, LeeAnna at leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

  2. wow, these are amazing. my favorite is the patriotic one.