Sunday, May 3, 2015

BeBe ... our Rental in Duck

 We made good time yesterday leaving St. Michaels around 10 and
arriving at our rental called 'BeBe' in Duck at 4.  The rental
companies have check-in down pat ... homes have an electronic
key-less entry system that is not operational until exactly at 4p.m.
 Our view of the ocean ... we can see it and we
can hear it ... but we have not walked to it yet.
 One of the things we wanted to get away from was pollen
and guess what ... we are surrounded by tree pollen!
 Trees bring birds and bird sounds and happy westies
watching and waiting for birdies to fly by.
 We have neighbors across the yard with a small dog.
Of course these two started introducing themselves first thing.

 We are impressed by the interesting ceiling angles in the living room and
kitchen.  We also like the windows ... lots and lots of windows.
 I did some simple sewing this morning and
this afternoon I will pull out the rentals
iron and ironing board so I can get this top done.
 Designated as my sewing room.
 Second level, middle room.  My Bernina is happy with the space.
 We actually love the elevator.  
 Middle level look down to the front door.
 Basement level.
 The back yard is fenced but not well enough for little
westies.  I spotted a 8 inch gap between the fencing and with
Derby this would be a problem.   The owners
installed a watering system for the grass and beds which I'm not
happy about.  I didn't plan on soaking wet dogs first
thing in the morning [pre-coffee!]. 

 I found the brand new washer and dryer ... it will be
interesting to see how I like a front load washer.
 This is still part of the basement level.  It was so easy
unloading the car.  Wilson backed up to this door and
loaded things into the elevator just a few feet away.
 From the basement up to the mid-level.
Lots and lots of steps in this house.
 Julep at the mid-level looking out the big front
window watching the new hood.

 The side deck - upper level.  We have blocked this
off from the westies since we didn't have enough fence.
 They have enough room on this portion of the deck
to run or just relax and bake in the sun.
That's it for this mornings post.  We have a 12:30 lunch
date with our friends Charlie and Katie who are here on
vacation also.  They are renting a house on the Sound side of
Duck which is actually within walking distance of us.  
Charlie and Katie rented a pet friendly home so they
could bring their golden retriever, Roxy.

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  1. that is such an amazing looking house. I could get used to living in a place like that :) I love the look of the basement level.