Monday, May 4, 2015

Moon Rising ... It Was Full & It Was Beautiful!

 We had a perfect moon rising over the ocean last night.
Of course Wilson's camera took a better picture then I
but he wants to try for an even better one tonight.
 I do like this neighborhood {Sea Pines} better than any of the others. 
It's much easier to walk on the dogs on the street.   If I walk one way 
I'll be at a nice little shopping center and if I walk the other way I
will have my toes and the westies will have their paws in the sand.
 They went to bed early last night.
I had to wake them up for the last piddle of the night.
 A beautiful sunset in Duck, NC.

 Both will be getting a bath on Friday before we 
head home on Saturday morning.  It's no use giving
them a bath sooner ... pollen is plentiful here!
Everyone is wearing this shade of pollen.
We are surrounded by whatever kind of trees these are.
Note to self ... remember never to book this house
during the pollen time of year again!

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