Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday: Part 1 ... & ... Part 2

 Early this afternoon Wilson and I headed back to John's Drive-in
for another eat-in-the-car lunch.  He had fish and chips and I
decided to try the pulled pork sandwich ... all was excellent!
On the way back home I suggested we take the westies for a
quick walk on part of the Duck trail.  As you can see it was low tide.
 Sniffer on over-drive.
Wilson wanted to take the bird picture before the westies got
down to the waters edge.  It was a struggle but I managed
to hold them back while he did what he does ... take pictures.

 I was surprised this turned out so well with westies
pulling me every which way.

 ... Part 2 of Thursday ...
I went shopping without the clan in tow!
 I dropped everyone off at the rental and I headed back out
to do a little shopping and take pictures.  First stop was
my favorite store in Duck for a bar of Zum goat milk
lavender-rosemary soap.  It lasts forever especially
if I don't let Wilson use it.  Is that bad of me?

 The SeaDragon Gallery is a store stock with interesting glass
plates, bowls, and works of art.  Did I mention they also
have a nice case or two [or three] of unique jewelry that I
drool over each visit.  I was torn between this simple necklace
and one with polished and cut gemstones.  Price was
a factor and this one was under $50 the others were
over $250 ... so the less expensive one came home with me.  
 Enjoying the day along the Sound.

 Wilson would have loved to take pictures of these guys.

 I nearly purchased one of these but I didn't think they
were worth $29.00 ... a picture is at least free.
 Enjoying the flowers along the way.

 I spotted the bird house going back to the car
and stopped to take pictures when all of a sudden
the birds flew down and started to 'play' in the
sand right at my feet.  They didn't care I was there 
snapping away trying to get the perfect photo.

 Flipping Sand

 One more day in Quack-Quack Duck.
Thanks for stopping by ... and ... have a great day.

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  1. What a great day, both parts. Of course the shopping part would have been my favorite. Love that necklace.