Friday, May 8, 2015

Saying Goodbye To Duck

 One last trip down to the ocean to check out the rough surf.
 Wilson catching pictures of the shore birds one last time.
 We've been waiting for the pelicans all week long to
fly over ... and finally they did.
 Rolling in fog ... this was a surprise.
 The Princess had many walks today and is exhausted.

The master bedroom only had a thin white sheet and no
comforter on the bed [how strange] ... so I pulled
these off the beds in two of the guest rooms.
 His Royal Prince sleeps.

This has been an excellent trip.  After the move out of Bozman
and the move into the rental we certainly needed a break from
all that stress ... but alas ... it's time to get back to reality and
the eastern shore.


  1. It's so pretty there. I wouldn't mind living somewhere like that full time. I think I could get used to it.
    That sure was a quick week. It seems like you were just saying you were packed and ready to leave to go there.

  2. You certainly lucked out with the weather. See you soon.