Thursday, June 18, 2015

17 Years Just Flew By!

 On Sunday it was our 17th wedding anniversary.
Time really flies when you marry your soul mate.
 We decided to actually wait until Wednesday to
celebrate our anniversary as well as the closing
of our new home on Pond Haven Lane.
Ruth Chris ... Annapolis, MD 
Steak, potato's, spinach & a glass of red = a happy man!
 The waiter sprinkled our table with red & white rose pedals.
The cheesecake was 'on the house'.  
 Yesterday was a busy day ... after Wilson put the rocking
chairs together {see post below} we went to settlement
on our new home which is yards from our rental.
 We have so many things scheduled we now have a calendar
sitting on our counter with who will be here when!  Today
we are meeting with an interior designer and the head of
the appliance service department from Higgins & Spencer.
Also Shaw's heating and a/c will be coming to check out the
systems in the house.  We know there will be repairs required
since this house has been unattended for over 2 years.  
I'm learning more about granite.  This one is in the category of 'exotic' 
which means it's more expensive.   After settlement we popped
into Sold Tops in Easton so Wilson could see what I 
texted him a picture of a few days ago.   He liked it just as much as me.
This specific slab had sold but they can get another but the
veining will probably be different.  We are waiting
for them to come out and measure the counters ... then
we will decide which category or level we can afford.
 This is another one we [sorta] like and of course my cell
phone picture don't do the slab justice.  Also the selection
of tiles in every color, size and shape is overwhelming. I
did spend some time with Nancy at Solid Tops who has an
excellent eye for color.
 The current wall color drives us crazy! 
 The big $ grabber project will be the addition on the back.
Every home in this development has a screened in porch and
at least a deck or patio area - this home has just a brick patio
area which is in need of repair.  We have grown to love the screened
in porch in the rental and we know that is a must as well as a deck
for the westies ... but we will see what the cost of the 3 season
room will be.  This add-on will be on the master bedroom side of the
house with the screened in porch on the breakfast nook side.  Since
we will be facing west we will be adding a roof over the deck
portion.  I think this will pay for itself in blocking the sun which
in turn will keep the room cooler in the summer.
 Wilson wants me to have the larger room for all my sewing
stuff so I'm not going to argue.  What I need done in this
room is to have the carpet removed and a vinyl type of 
flooring put down.  Why? ... because when you lay out a
quilt back it is best to tape down the back of your quilt to the
floor - then spray baste the batting - then spray baste the top
making what they call a 'quilt sandwich'.  The problem with
carpet is you can't pull your fabric taunt enough plus that
spray baste gets tacky on carpet because it's a fine mist.  Did I
fail to mention this is the cheapest carpet I have ever seen?
 If there is one room we like wallpaper in it's the
powder room.  So this will be another project pouring
thru wallpaper books.  I think we will be keeping the 
sink {I actually like it} and maybe the lighting
fixtures.  Anything we pull from this house will be
donated to our local Habitat for Humanity organization
to sell in the re-purpose store or to use in a home they
are building for someone within Talbot County.
 I Only Drink Champagne
While I was in Solid Tops looking at granite I spotted
a wall of this!  It was love at first sight and Nancy showed
me the brochure with all the other color variations available.  
I also showed it to Wilson yesterday but unfortunately 
{or fortunately depending on how you look at it} we have
no place for this [which is okay] because I think it's 
in the neighborhood of $50 a sq. foot!  


  1. Happy Anniversary! :) Love the photo of the westies peeking out the window. So cute!

  2. Hi, Firstly Happy Anniversary! WE celebrated 37 yrs yesterday and like you said the time has flown by. Currently we are in Ireland and I finally found my first(probably only)quilt store. They just don't have a lot here. I love your new home and can't wait to see how you make it yours. We were so thankful that when we bought our dream home last year and moved in, we felt like we could live with everything. We do need to paint and plant some new trees outside, but love it. O.k. so being a quilter, I always do my sandwiching on the wood floors, but I've never heard of spray basting the batting and backing. I may just try it with my latest quilt. I know that as I get older, it gets harder to get down on the ground to pin my quilts. I once tried basting, but just didn't like it.
    Thanks for sharing and also giving me a "puppy fix", I'm missing my boy at home.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Happy Anniversary. You two had quite a lot to celebrate with the house settlement. Looks like you guys are going to be very busy